Volunteer Services Department
Contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator , Christine Matthews for operating hours and to be placed on our email list to receive notification of special events. 757-424-8298 or email: Christine.Matthews@dbhds.virginia.gov
  • Birthday Program – Decorations – gift list provided – cake and ice-cream
  • Book Fairs – January - March – June – September – mid month - everyone is welcome
  • Holiday Events - Decorations and wrapping supplies needed.
  • “Giving Tree” – Gift lists provided for individuals who live at Southeastern - clubs, groups or individuals are welcome
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Gardening Projects – Weeding, mulching, planting, design garden areas around homes
  • Birthday Program – Provide a party for an individual on their special day
  • Holiday Events – Join our “Wrapping Room” mid-December wrapping and decorating gifts
  • “Our Friends” – Interaction with the individuals who live at Southeastern through scrapbooking, stories, arts and crafts, pen pals, and many other means.
  • Donate your scraps from scrapbooking, cardboard and plastic containers for arts & crafts projects.
  • Youth Groups – Arts & craft projects, gardening, book fairs, wrapping presents, your volunteer hours are needed!

Professional staff are available to mentor or provide training and supervision opportunities on a case-by-case basis. Groups, clubs and individuals welcomed!

Book Store
The Volunteer Services Book Store has over 700 gently used and library donated books. Books include Children’s books, CD Audio books, and music CD’s. Items in good condition are accepted.
Prices: Donations